[sumo] [spoilers]Takanohana and steroid abuse

Scott Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Mon Dec 10 14:09:42 EST 2007

I bring up Takanohana only because he missed many Jungyo and was given a 
pass, whereas Asashoryu, who had lived up to his Jungyo billing in the 
past, was not.  If, as is suspected, Takanohana deprived his fans from 
seeing him at Jungyo because of steroid abuse, even if he was the most 
upstanding citizen and was the most dedicated Kyokai employee, it is my 
opinion that he should have been, or should be equally punished.  
Whether or not taking steroids was illegal is immaterial, the results 
are just as if Takanohana had missed the same Jungyo because of too much 
alcohol consumption.  But we both know an investigation into 
Takanohana's handling by the Kyokai and the possible involvement of 
steroids will never happen.  Too much would come out about the behind 
the scenes workings of the Kyokai.  The Kyokai does not exist to be fair 
in its punishment of its Yokozuna for their transgressions.  I wonder, 
if the situation had been reversed, whether there would be a 
retrospective investigation of Asashoryu.  That seems more likely.

I understand what you mean by the Taiho reference.  However, an 
investigation into the Takanohana steroid accusations would not require 
any match results to be reversed, it could be handled by a suspension 
that is equivalent to two basho and half a year salary reduction for 
every Jungyo that Takanohana missed due to steroid abuse.  Again, both 
you and I know this would never happen.


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