[sumo] [spoilers]Asashoryu's open armed and beloved return.

Moti kintamayama at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 10:13:38 EST 2007

<<I think they can be compared in terms of publicity.
Just look at NHK. On the day of his return, Asashoryu was top on nearly
every NHK news programm, news7: 8:30 minutes , news9: 11:40. On the day
he appeared at the jungyo, he was in the main news, the two remaining 
days of the jungyo were on the sports news. I can't remember any case
which a jungyo was present that much on NHK.>>

I remember when Rohou had his problems he was constantly on TV for a while. That doesn't mean he was more popular than anyone-he was just a "hot item" and when he cooled off he was forgotten. That's how the "publicity" business usually works.Terms of publicity should be compared in "normal" situations, and not in "crisis" situations when someone is "hot"  newswise. If Asa wasn't involved in the scandal, do you think there would be a difference? Sure there would.

<<After looking at recent news and reports, I'd estimate Asa as being 
worth 15% of the whole sumo business (but don't ask for detailed

I'd say your estimate is  way off., and don't ask for  detailed evidence either. Honbasho tickets are the "sumo business".So far, no honbasho were held since Asa's return.. If the Kkan gets sold out for at least 10 days in January, I'd agree you have a point. But even if he sells out the whole basho for the next 5 years, he still works for them, and not the other way around. 



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