[sumo] [spoilers]Asashoryu's open armed and beloved return.

Moti kintamayama at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 04:51:15 EST 2007

<<So, now I'd like to ask you a simple yes or no question, no
qualifiers allowed.  Do you, yourself really believe that
Takanohana did not abuse steroids?>>

Short answer- I don't know. Same goes for Asa. the talk about this abuse is much louder than Takanohana's but I don't believe that either. I believe the steroid in sumo talk is grossly exaggerated. rikishi are known to have various liver-related problems as a result of their diet.
Maybe I'm naive, but reducing a dai-yokozuna like Takanohana into a sniveling pothead with nothing  more than conjecture that can easily be said about Asashouryuu (or any other rikishi) as well does not sit well with me.

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