[sumo] Asashouryuu plays hooky

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Thanks for that, Joe. Were you talking about the duet they did at the party
or is there an actual recording of that? I've got most of the performance on
video, but I didn't know they were going to sing together, so I missed most
of the duet.

As for the Bob Dylan reference, Tsuyoshi did a really fine harmonica
interlude, as well. Reminded me of the good ol' days :-)


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> Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi performed and was just
> magnificent. Hard to believe the
> guy is almost 51! They even did a bit of a duet
> together.

Nagabuchi is an amazing singer-songwriter.  Ever since
his debut in 1977 his album debut number one 12 times
and his singles sold well over 10 million copies.

Long considered to be Japan's Bob Dylan but he is more
of Bruce Springsteen type. His live concerts are
legendary. He did an all-night concert three years ago
in Sakurajima Island in Kagoshima where he is from.

Asashoryu sang with him "Tombo (Dragon Fly") which was
the theme song for 1988 TBS TV drama of the same name
in which he starred.  He played a yakuza member just
released from a prison. Its last episode provoked a
lot of controversy as it ended with him getting
stabbed and  walking blood soaked on a street while no
other passers-by showing any concern and walking past
him as if he did not exist.

His song "Kampai" is a long favorite at karaoke joints
and often sang at wedding receptions. 

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