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The yokozuna always to goes to various sushi restaurants and sometimes a
good yakiniku restaurant when he is in the states. I guess they boys just
like their sushi.......


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I don't know which sushi restaurant they were in, but we're going to LA for
2 days to eat sashimi at Sushi Gen. Of course, we're also shopping for
Japanese books & food too. But since we can get everything we need here in
the desert, you know it's the sashimi thats the draw!

Sushi Gen only does traditional Japanese sushi.  No Catapillar rolls there.
The sashimi dinner has enough toro/chu-toro to keep me happy for 3-4 months.


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> My friend Nancy and I were having dinner at one of
> our favorite Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles when
> in
> walked Musashimaru and Akinoshima and entourage
> (we were tipped off they would be there by the sushi
> chef),
> including one of the local amateur sumo stars.  I,
> the shy, retiring one, dashed over and after only a
> seconds hesitation, leaned over the seated
> Musashimaru
> and asked if we could take a photo.  He gave a very
> small, shy smile and nodded. Snap!  Then, looking
> inquiringly at Akinoshima who nodded, I zipped around
> the table and had Nancy take our picture.  Nancy
> refused to
> have her picture taken, as she said she was having a
> very
> bad hair day.  In the meantime, she grilled the
> organizer
> and learned that sumo will come to LOS ANGELES
> in JUNE 2008 for 2 days at the L.A. Sports Arena,
> We then left them in peace to enjoy their dinner and
> saw Musashimaru and Akinoshima cheerfully
> eating HUGE plates of toro, etc. as we left.  The
> strange thing (to us) was that no one else, except
> for the sushi chefs, knew who these esteemed
> customers
> were.  Hope to see everyone on the list in Los
> Angeles next year!
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