[sumo][games] Sekitori-Oracle and Sekitori-Quadrumvirate invitation, Natsu 2007

Wojciech Golczyk wgolczyk at epf.pl
Wed Apr 25 16:52:29 EDT 2007

Hello everybody!

Sekitori-Oracle is ready to accept picks. Sekitori-Q will be ready couple of
days later. 
There are some improvement and some new features. 

You can find them listed here (on the right panel):


One of the improvements is S-Oracle entry form. You can send many picks with
just one button click. 
Just remember to save your picks before changing the page (Makuuchi is on
page 1, Juryo on page 2), otherwise you will loose any unsaved changes. 

I will be glad to see any comments, bug reports etc.





(sorry for missing "sumo games" tag in the topic in my previous message)

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