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Sun Apr 22 02:19:38 EDT 2007

Tochiazuma is definitely out of Natsu. At least , that's what Houchi 
Shinbun is saying. (We do know, however, how these things can change..) 
"It (the participation)is looking difficult", says dad and Oyakata 
Tamanoi. Azuma underwent some tests a few days ago-not only of the head 
area, but of the heart and other trouble spots and will be waiting for 
test results next week. These results will have a serious bearing on his 
future-intai or continuing. He did participate in the Haru jungyo, 
although mostly as a figurehead, but the plan seems to be kyujo/rest for 
Natsu and a return in Nagoya.
Coincidentally, he will be undergoing more tests next week. In this 
situation, it seems highly unlikely he can get any kind of serious 
preparation going for the coming basho. "Everything will become clearer 
when we receive the tests results. For now, he will only do things he is 
capable of doing..", added Oyakata.
Intai? Kyujo? Participation? Take your pick.
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