[sumo] README: List status update

Angie sumodeezdayz at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 13 22:31:45 EDT 2007

Once again, gotta say it!  We appreciate the extra trouble you are going to do
this list on a real server.

It would be easier and cheaper to use Yahoo, but with the number of problems
we've had in Yahoo groups during the past few months (*shudder*), well this
list has been remarkably reliable!

Angie aka Takanjisafari in Texas, US

--- Kuramarujo <klemmerj at webtrek.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> 	Sorry for not being as communicative as would be preferred.  I'm
> getting caught up slowly but surly[*].  Here's the scoop...
> 	I'm going to move the list this weekend.  There are a number of ways to
> do it and I've picked the one that will ensure continuity over
> convenience.  What this means is that I will shutdown the list
> completely, move it over to the new location then bring it back up.  I
> know this is not the most unobtrusive way to handle it.  I'm sure I
> could get it done with less hassle for you but I don't have the, well,
> non-technical issues are still bogging me down.  I figure that it would
> be better if the list were offline for a few days (at most) than have
> messages disappearing and archives lost.  For those that disagree,
> please feel free to flame me off-list.  So, this is the plan -
> 1) Turn off the list at 08:00am EDT Saturday morning (that is about 11
> hours from the time of this post)
> 2) Move the archives and configs over to the new site
> 3) Make the DNS changes to point to the new site
> 4) Re-enable the list when DNS change has propagated
> 	Theoretically this should take maybe a day so the list "should" be back
> live on Sunday.  But it might not be until Monday when everything
> finally settles.  During the transfer my webtrek address will also be
> caught in this so if anyone really needs me please use
> joe.klemmer at gmail.com to reach me.
> 	Everyone cross your fingers and forgive me for making this move harder
> on you than it probably needs to be.
> Joe
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> Kuramarujo <klemmerj at webtrek.com>
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