[sumo] OT/ Honolulu sumo and art

Lynn Matsuoka artist at aloha.net
Fri Apr 6 21:51:35 EDT 2007

For those interested;

Sumo artist Lynn Matsuoka will have an exhibition of her sumo drawings and
paintings in Honolulu, opening in early June just before the Sumo event
here. It will be on for 2 weeks following the departure of the Rikishi.

If you   want to attend the opening, please let us know and we will send
you a special invitation which will include a sumo art gift that night.

The artist is in Honolulu now if you would like to see the portfolio, or
just get together and talk sumo-story.

We look forward to seeing any of you who are here.

SeaBird, for the Studio
artist at aloha.net

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