[sumo] ATTENTION! Important list administration announcement

Earle Jones earle.jones at comcast.net
Wed Apr 4 01:11:19 EDT 2007

Joe:  Please let us all know how we can help to offset your costs.  I  
would be happy to pitch in a few dollars, a few yen, or whatever you  

Please let us know!

Many thanks for your fine work.

Best regards,

Yosakoiboi --

(Earle Jones -- frequenter of the Yosakoi bar/restaurant in Yurakucho  
-- three stories above yakitori-dori.)

On Apr 3, 2007, at 9:25 PM, Jezz wrote:

> Hi Joe,
> Where is the paypal option so that we can help out with the cost?
> (I think you may have let slip once or twice that you are not in the
> same financial league as Bill Gates.)
> I'd like to get in on the act first, and be the official sponsor for
> the Sumo ML for the month of May 2007.  The rest of you would-be
> sponsors will just have to get in line ;-)  Just point me to the
> relevant paypal option  :-)
> All the best, and many thanks for continuing to provide a fine  
> service,
> Jejima
> On 04/04/07, Joe Klemmer <klemmerj at webtrek.com> wrote:
>> Synopsis:
>> The list needs to be migrated to a different server.  There will be a
>> short outage as the DNS change propagates.  The move will be targeted
>> for well before Natsu.  Users will not have to do anything at all for
>> this migration.
>> Details:
>> The current WebTrek server is being co-located as a friends site.  He
>> has been letting me skate there for years for free.  But now he is
>> moving his circuit around and can not carry me anymore.  After  
>> looking
>> into all options I found the alternatives -
>> 1) Move to a hosting company (cost about $20 a month)
>> 2) Co-locate the server at another site (cost between $150 and  
>> $350 a month)
>> 3) Get a circuit into the house (cost approximately $800 a month)
>> The option with the greatest flexibility and stability is the last  
>> one
>> but obviously beyond means.  So a hosting company it is.
>> They use the same software that we're already using so migration will
>> be very simple.  The only thing that will have an impact is that the
>> list will be unavailable during the time the name service  
>> propagation.
>>  This will be anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours, (though,
>> as Kofuji can attest, there's no predicting what will happen on the
>> Internet).  There will also be ample warning announcements preceding
>> the migration.
>> If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.  And
>> apologies for the pending inconvenience.
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