Does NSK Follow YDC? (WAS Re: [sumo] Henka)

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at
Sun Apr 1 22:59:49 EDT 2007

At 05:29 PM 3/31/07, Doreen wrote:

>On 2007/04/01, at 1:49, Jeanne Hedge wrote:
>>It's my understanding that there's no requirement for the men who 
>>run the NSK to follow the YDC's recommendations, let alone even 
>>listen to anything they might say. Which basically means (IMO) the 
>>comments and opinions of the YDC are worth little more than the 
>>entertainment value they provide (Hi there, Mrs. Uchidate! ^_^).
>On the contrary, the Yokoshin has considerable power and its 
>recommendations carry weight. I recall the time when Takanohana was 
>winning regularly in Tokyo and losing every  out-of-town basho. 
>(Some wags even proposed making him a Tokyo Yokozuna).  Finally 
>Dewanoumi rijicho (50th yokozuna Sadanoyama) strongly hinted that, 
>since Takanohana had already racked up a fair number of yusho -- 
>just not back-to-back ones --  the Kyokai would be satisfied with a 
>non-yusho of not less than so many wins (might have been 12) --  and 
>the Yokoshin dug its heels in and refused to be steered in this 
>direction. Takanohana obliged by winning his first out-of-town yusho 
>and clinched the promotion.

A message was posted to the list discussing the March 26 YDC meeting. 
It's in the archive at

According to this message, the YDC having their usual fit about 
Asashoryu (doesn't really matter the reason, it seems they're always 
having some complaint or another about him), but this time it was 
about his behavior in the latter days of the 
basho.  Kitanoumi-oyakata's response to their complaints:

>Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai responded by
>saying, "Asashoryu's sumo is to find a winning edge
>while actively engaging. I ask your understanding from
>his point of view."

I read that as a polite brush off, that Kitanoumi-oyakata was saying, 
in effect, that the NSK is not going to do a thing about it, now 
matter how much the YDC complains.

Jeanne Hedge

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