[sumo] Re: Outstanding performance prize

Jezz jejima at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 20:37:57 EDT 2006

Good point, but not quite comparing apples with apples, I think.

Futeno already had his KK - and 10 wins at that.  With the way that
the upper echelons of the banzuke are at present, an 11th win would
probably not make much difference to where he'll he get promoted to.
Futeno also has a lot of his career left ahead of him.  Futeno (from
his blog) seems to be a dedicated rikishi, so if he took a fusensho,
he really must have a serious injury.  With all those thoughts, I
really would think it highly unlikely that he would do a 'Takanohana.'

That Takanohana Yusho winning play-off bout that you are talking about
was really the last blaze of glory for a great Yokozuna at the end of
his career.  This is before you even start listening to some rumours
that maybe Musashimaru was unable psychologically to give his best for
fear of further injuring an already injured rikishi, with whom he'd
been fighting all of his career.

Maybe Kisenosato should return the Special Prize in shame, as
defeating the Yokozuna/Yusho winner - and a few Ozeki to boot - during
the basho, means nothing as he was unable to defeat an injured
mid-Maegashira rikishi on the dohyo?  ;-)


On 26/09/06, hijiisan <hijiisan at gmail.com> wrote:
> And then there was the case a few years ago when Takanohana was limping
> so badly he could barely get up on the dohyo and he beat Musashimaru for
> the yusho. IIRC it was a play off. You never know what will happen until
> it happens..Jim

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