[sumo] Ligament Damage - one month, all better

moti moti at ozumo.info
Thu Sep 21 20:39:22 EDT 2006

James Eaton wrote:

>> From Rikishi talk:
>> When Baruto's kyujo request was tendered on the 20th, his injury
>> was listed as a "contusion of the knee joint" and not a torn
>> ligament. However, a more thorough examination resulted in the
>> diagnosis of damage to the lateral collateral ligament and the
>> anterior cruciate ligament. The prognosis is one month to heal.
> One month!  This would be funny if it weren't so sad.  Surgery and a
>  minimum of 8-12 months rehab would probably be the treatment in any
>  other sport.  Say goodbye to Baruto's career.

  Another paper, the notorious Yuukan Fuji says this: "We are lucky he
didn't injure a ligament, but he is having difficulty walking and is in 
great pain. So, to be on the safe side, we decided on kyujo.. I'd like 
to get him in shape so he can participate in the next basho", said Onoe 

Strange thing mystifying.


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