[sumo] Ligament Damage - one month, all better

Shryock, Christopher shryockc at seattleu.edu
Thu Sep 21 18:37:47 EDT 2006

Wow, a torn ACL, huh? Rare is the person who can recover from such an injury in less than six months, and even with a full recovery the ligament will likely be less than 100%. If it's an accurate diagnosis, Baruto's career may indeed be over.


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>From Rikishi talk:

> When Baruto's kyujo request was tendered on the 20th, his injury was
> listed as a "contusion of the knee joint" and not a torn ligament.
> However, a more thorough examination resulted in the diagnosis of
> damage to the lateral collateral ligament and the anterior cruciate
> ligament. The prognosis is one month to heal.

One month!  This would be funny if it weren't so sad.  Surgery and a
minimum of 8-12 months rehab would probably be the treatment in any other
sport.  Say goodbye to Baruto's career.

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