[sumo] Day 11 lower division results

Joe Petrow joepetrow at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 07:40:34 EDT 2006

My adopted rikishi Arauma (formerly known as Kamakura) lost his last
bout at Sd37E last basho by sabaori.  This basho I could not find him
on the lower rank writeups, so I feared he was going kyujo, or worse.

A quick check on the Kyokai site did not turn up an Arauma...but an
"Araumi" from Isenoumi beya was found.  Was this my rikishi?  A quick
check on the Isenoumibeya web site showed that this rikishi just
started from last year, so it could not be it.

But another quick check of the sandanme ranks showed that there was
now a "Kamakura" on the banzuke.  Was this my adopted rikishi?  It

And further more, he's kicking ass and taking names!

On 9/20/06, Nitschke, Alexander <alexander.nitschke at lpfv.de> wrote:
> Sd53w  Kamakura (5-1)      oshidashi      Sd50w  Futamusashi (4-2)

So I guess I can just forget that the last year or so ever happened...

Joe P. (Adopted parent of Kamakura (formerly Arauma [formerly Kamakura])

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