[sumo] aburatorigami......

Doitsuyama doitsuyama at ozumo.de
Tue Sep 19 02:34:37 EDT 2006

Colleen Jackson wrote:
> does anyone know the name of the gyoji* who wears the yojiya 
> aburatorigami 
> clothes?  i don't know what you call what the gyoji's 
> wear....probably not a 
> yukata, i'm guessing.   it's neat that he wears the 
> oil-blotting facial 
> paper design. is he from kyoto?  thx,  noshikonayetsu
> *he was on the dohyo for aminishiki v. kotomitsuki and again 
> for tamakasuga 
> v chiyotaikai both on day 9 

Since it seems like no one has answered yet, according the Kyokai page
it is Kimura Jonosuke.


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