[sumo] [spoiler] Disturbing disturbances-is the rikishi stoism a thing of the past?

moti moti at ozumo.info
Mon Sep 18 14:59:42 EDT 2006

Yesterday after his close loss to Kokkai, Ozeki Kotooushuu let loose 
with some words at the far end of the hanamichi. "Kokkai's hand went 
down first!! Why wasn't a mono-ii called??", he was heard yelling very 
loudly. Today, his  Oyakata Sadogatake was called in by the Kyokai 
bigwigs and was issued a stern warning considering his pupil's behavior.

In Makushita on day 8, there was a backstage fight after a bout. A 40 
year old rikishi (no name given, but it can only be Kotokanyuu..) who 
just lost a fierce match riddled with massive harites (slaps) to a 19 
year old opponent (I'd say it was Ikioi, both were unbeaten going into 
day 8..) came into the shitakubeya, ired by the fact that someone 20 
years his junior came after him with fierce harites, wrapped a towel 
around his hand and let loose at the young guy. "This is the Oyakatas' 
problem. I'd like them to renew their efforts in leadership..", said 
head of Educational Guidance Isegahama Oyakata. In the end, the Oyakatas 
sorted it out amongst  themselves with apologies all around. It seems 
Sadogatake Oyakata has his hands full these days..

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