[sumo] [List Admin] Drop the whole thing

Emmett Wayne emmett.wayne at us.army.mil
Thu Sep 14 08:43:45 EDT 2006

Huzzah, Huzzah!!  Long live the Dictator.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

	I am going to give 12 hours for messages that continue the whole
Imperial Family thread to die down.  Any posts on the subject or any
ancillary branches after 0400 Eastern whatever Time will cause the
poster to be temporarily suspended from the list.

	Is this being a bit draconian?  Yes.  Could this be seen as

	See, I'm having a really bad day and have been quite ill lately.
makes me cranky.  Things that make me cranky are not good.  So everyone
get it out of your system now.

Thank you,
Joe the Dictator

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