[sumo] [games] Pick the Yusho Winners invitation

Bruce Rae brucejr at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 6 01:04:47 EDT 2006

This is your invitation to play "Pick the Yusho Winners" for the Aki 2006 basho.

The game is designed to encourage interest in all divisions of sumo. Very simple to play: just pick who you think has the best chance to win the yusho in each division. Each win your picks get gives you a point (bonus points are awarded if your pick gets kachi koshi and if he actually wins a yusho). The most points wins!

Rules and entry form are found at:
Deadline for entry is 12noon JST on Day One of the basho.
An alternate entry form has been very kindly provided by Kuramarujo. I have been meaning to tweak it and use a variation of it on my website but have procastinated too much, so I will just provide the raw link for now. It works great!
Entry form: http://www.webtrek.com/ptyw/

Player standings are updated once the basho starts every 2 days or more often as I have time, posted at:

If you need to see the current banzuke to make your picks, Doitsuyama has posted it on the sumoforum at:

For players who want to do extra research to see how any rikishi has done over the past few basho, the scgroup site is an excellent resource (although it hasn't updated to the Aki banzuke quite yet):

Thanks for playing!

 - Oshirokita, from the Great White North

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