[non sumo] Hanai relationships: was [sumo] Jan Rowan, Akebono's mother

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Hi there,

It is an informal type of adoption they have used in Hawai'i for centuries.  
Ususally done to help a family that already has too many children or some 
other hardship that makes it difficult to properly care for the child.  
Also, it is usually but not always a relative that takes your child.  
Basically it is an adoption without all the red tape of government agencies.

As I wrote the above paragraph, I am wondering if it is a "Hawai'ian thing" 
because I know my mothers oldest half brother was "adopted" by a relative 
back in Okinawa in the early 1900's and was sent back to Japan from Hawai'i 
island to live there for years.

Hope this helps.  Aloha, Owen

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>After reading the article, I noticed that Mrs Rowan had two 'hanai'
>children.  After some googling, I've learnt that it is a kind of
>Could someone enlighten further?
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