[sumo] Kyushu Basho Ticket Questions

ozora ozora ozora at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 14 14:27:34 EDT 2006

i am pretty sure i brought 2 masu seki tickets out of a book of 4 from a 
lady out front of the nagoya basho once.

selling tickets in front of the arean is illegal everywhere, except tokyo.

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>Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 08:21:53 +0900
>There are constantly tickets for sumo on yahoo auctions, so I don't
>think that re-selling tickets is necessarily an issue (though doing it
>for a profit may be, all the ones currently up there are going at face
>value), but the question is rather whether or not I can sell two
>tickets out of the book of 4 I received, or if the book needs to stay
>intact with all tickets inside for the sumo folk to let me in the
>On 10/10/06, Kuramarujo <klemmerj at webtrek.com> wrote:
>>On Tue, 2006-10-10 at 07:21 +0900, Joshua Maciel wrote:
>> > What is/was a concern is whether or not selling two of the tickets
>> > from the book of 4 would get me in trouble with the sumo folks at the
>> > door.
>>         Is scalping illegal in Japan?  That's the question, I guess.
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