[sumo] Jumonji - king of the lower maegashira?

Walker, Jay CTR NHRC Walker at nhrc.navy.mil
Mon Oct 9 19:48:24 EDT 2006

I was walking past the Kokugikan one evening in May 2001 and noticed the
banner of the then-young Jumonji, and speculated how successful he might be
in staying in makunouchi - hardly a given at the time. 

Recently I thought about that night and how in retrospect Jumonji has
achieved a pretty decent career in the top division.  But that's the
operative phrase, "pretty decent".  It seems that for someone who has been
around so long, he hasn't had a truly memorable basho that I can recall.

A little time looking at the details seemed to indicate that Jumonji has had
more bashos (33) in the top division without having ever reached a rank of
Maegashira 5 or higher than anyone else in sumo history.  Can any of the
historians out there confirm this as an absolute fact? 


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