[sumo] Wacky, inane 'twixed basho ramblings from K-jo (was: Kyushu Basho Ticket Questions)

Kuramarujo klemmerj at webtrek.com
Mon Oct 9 17:53:15 EDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-10-09 at 20:14 +0000, ozora ozora wrote:

> You can resell the tickets but only to two people you want to be very
> close to....the boxes fit 4 Japanese or 2 non-Japanese, they are
> pretty small..... 

	I've been following this thread, mostly out of curiosity as I can't
actually contribute anything to it.  It seems that the "4 Japanese or 2
non-Japanese" reference is the consensus.  Now, I've never had much
contact with Japanese persons but I have, over the years, met many other
persons from the Southeast Asian region.  I've known and worked with
lots of Vietnamese and Filipinos.  I've met a number of Korean and Thai
people and did spend one glorious week in northern Thailand (where the
most often used phrase by everyone I met was, "Oh!  So big!").

	I say all of this because for the better part of my life I have always
seen myself as smallish.  Not small, but less than the average.  At the
moment my "stats" are as follows...

Height: 5' 10"  (177.8 cm)
Weight: 260 lbs (117.9 kg)

Not what you'd call dwarfish sized.  So why did I think I was small?
Well, I am the smallest male in my immediate family.  My father was 5'
10.5" tall and, up until his passing in early 2000, usually about 50 or
so pounds heaver.  My two younger brothers are definitely not small.
The middle one is 5' 11" and in the vicinity of 445 lbs.  The youngest
is 6' 1" and in the 335 pound range.  They have both been bigger than me
since I was 13 (making them 10 and 9 respectively).  But there's another
reason why I always saw myself on the lower end of the bulk scale.

	My father was an American Football coach.  I played for him when I was
in high school and coached with him after I graduated.  I assisted him
when he coached my brothers.  Most of the people I hung around and spent
much time with were other football players.  The position I played was
on the offensive line, specifically Center.  If you know of or have seen
an American Football game you will notice that the guys who lineup face
to face in a stance not unlike that at the tachiai.  These guys are
rather big fellows.  Even in high school in the mid-to-late 70's they
were the largest of the team.  And I was often one of, if not the,
smallest on the line.  My last year of playing I was 5' 10" and 165 lbs
(74.8 kg).  And like most middle-aged men, I still have an image of
myself from when I was in high school.

	So what's this have to do with Sumo or anything remotely Sumo related?
Well, nothing really.  It was just that the discussion of size and
number of people to fit into a masu A box got me thinking about how many
could fit in if I were there.  I have the feeling that maybe one very
small Asian person might fit.  Maybe.  Probably not.


This has been a public service sponsored by the "it's so darn boring
between bashos" relief committee in cooperation with the "keep K-jo on
the 'Net and out of the real world" organization.

Joe "Kuramarujo" Klemmer

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