[sumo] [OT] Sharp and IBM to release real-time translator

Jarkko K jarkko.karhunen at kolumbus.fi
Fri Oct 6 07:12:51 EDT 2006

John Tilley wrote:
> Joe - I would be careful about posting that you would like this for your 
> birthday - some people might possibly get the wrong idea....
> "The small handheld device looks like a PDA, but it translates English 
> to Japanese and vice-versa on the fly. Simply speak into it and have 
> your questions about buying panties from a vending machine translated to 
> what I assume is ...Japanese."

And anyway, these "translators" are nothing but phrase dictionaries, at 
best. In Finland they stopped calling them "translators" and now refer 
to them as "electronic dictionaries" which is much more appropriate.

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