[sumo] [spoiler] Hakuhou's dilemma

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Of course the counter to the  jinx is that Haguroyama was the longest lived 
(in terms of active reign) Yokozuna of the 20th century, although it was 
50-60 years ago.... He was fairly strong, winning 7 yusho when there were 
only 2 tournaments a year at his peak.


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>> or Unryuu. As some of us know, the Shiranui way is
>> thought to be jinxed,
> Wakanohana 3 used Shiranui as well. But my opinion on
> why he chose Shiranui differs from that it jinxed him.
> I believe that he chose that style knowing full well
> that his career as a Yokozuna would more than likely
> be a short one. Two reasons why: 1) he was promoted
> late in his career and 2) he knew that he would never
> be considered a strong Yokozuna, partly because of all
> the talent that was around him at the time and partly
> because of reason number 1.
> I also suspect that if Tochiazuma had made Yokozuna
> after the past Basho (or in the future) that he would
> pick Shiranui as well and the same for the same
> reasons.
> Just my thoughts
> Hinerikeri
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