[sumo] Re: [Off Topic] Standing babies

Kuramarujo klemmerj at webtrek.com
Tue May 23 10:23:23 EDT 2006

Scott Kahn wrote:

> Daughter of sukubidubidu thinks that with those proportions, 
> Kokuramarujo must be very, very smart...

	He is, actually.  Maybe not some prodigy who's going to university at 
the age of 10, but when he was 6 he could beat me at chess and checkers. 
  He's been able to spell better than me for years, too.  His academic 
performance is always in the top of his class.  If it weren't for his 
inability to shut up and his tendency to prefer playing to schoolwork 
he'd probably be able to advance a grade or two.  I think that these 
problems are more from his being bored in school (the class work is far 
to easy) and the fact that they don't let the kids out for recess 
anymore.  Children, especially boys, need to spend a good 45 minutes 
running around burning off their excess energy.  There's even a 
gathering movement to try and get recess back into the schools.  See -



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