[sumo] [spoiler]YDC convenes

Jarkko K jarkko.karhunen at kolumbus.fi
Mon May 22 14:50:32 EDT 2006

moti wrote:

> Ms. Uchidate asked the Rijicho if it's true that Asashouryuu, while 
> injured, went for a week to Mongolia. Takasago Oyakata answered that it 
> wasn't true. "I spoke to him yesterday and he said he was at home the 
> whole time", he said. "Hmm.. it's really unfortunate that this kind of 
> rumor has circulated.. People saying he went home when he actually 
> didn't is a real pity!!", she said.

Uchidate, Uchidate, UCHIDATE!!!!!! Oh how I would like to tie her down 
and drop Musashimaru on her. From a great height! :P

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