[sumo] Baruto Leaving Mihogazeki Beya

Joe Kuroda joe_kuroda at yahoo.com
Sun May 14 22:44:25 EDT 2006

It's reported that Onoe oyakata (former Komusubi
Hamanoshima) is leaving Mihogaseki Beya to set up his
own heya after the Nagoya Basho. Mihogaseki oyakata
has already given his permission for the split and
Onoe oyakata is lining up possibile sites for his heya
and regional camps in Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

"This is not something to hide anyway but all it means
is that he is branching out from us," Mihogaseki
oyakata said. Onoe oyakata is declining to comment
citing a basho is in progress.

It's expected that Onoe oyakata will be taking his own
recruits including Baruto and Satoyama with him.

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