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Angie sumolady at swbell.net
Fri May 12 10:02:50 EDT 2006

That's interesting --- has his winning record suffered
as a result of the weight loss?  Some guys can handle
the weight better than others.  Ama keeps mumbling
about gaining some weight, but I'm not sure what he'd
do with a paunch if he had one.

Angie in Texas, US

--- msinke at aol.com wrote:

> For someone who is interested in the lower ranks
> (and maybe the two who picked Yuki as a Yusho
> winner) here are some information about Yuki Jd31w.
> When I saw Yuki last September he gained a lot of
> weight, which I always thought is a good thing when
> you are a sumo wrestler.
> This May he looked like he lost some pounds. I asked
> if he lost some pounds and he said, only a few. 
> Out of curiosity I always go thru the face book they
> have in one of the sumo magazines. And there I found
> out, that Yuki was the one of active wrestlers who
> lost the most weight from last years issue to this
> years issue of the magazine. He came from 137,4Kg
> and went down to 115,0Kg. That was quite surprised
> that he lost so much weight. I asked him why he lost
> so much weight. He said that he got sick from all
> the eating and the alcohol. So he drinks no alcohol
> anymore and he tryes to eat more healthy food and
> not so much.
> So gaining weight is not always good as a sumo
> wrestler.
> He also said that he is suffering a stiff neck.
> Meikenonami
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