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Ouga 1-0 (over Sumanofuji by oshidashi)
(Becoming the first sekitori to conduct the yumitori
ceremony in 31 years since Itakura at the 1975 Haru
"I was really pleased to see so many spectators stayed
behind to see me perform. They gave me so much cheers,
it was really great. It definitely was not the same as
usual. Oh now I get a cushon while standing by at the
(On his bout beating Sumanofuji)
"Well, as far as the bout is concerned, I only had to
do my own sumo. I didn't have to do anything
different. You know I am no longer at the age I would
get tensed up badly you know."

Takamisakari 0-1 (losing to Tosanoumi by yoritaoshi)
25.5 seconds
(Appearing to be physically meek)
"It's my nose and throat not feeling normal. I wonder
if there is something physically terribly wrong with
me now..."

Homasho 0-1 (losing to Baruto by yorikiri) 4.1 seconds
(Losing his first Makuuchi bout)
"I went up too high after the tachiai, I felt the
atmosphere a lot different in Makuuchi..."

Baruto 1-0 (over Homasho)
(Extending his winning streak to 21 and getting his
first win in Makuuchi)
"I was a bit nervous. But I was able to put in a good
sumo so obviously I am happy. I felt comfortable once
I was able to grab the right mawashi coming out of the
tachiai. It's really great to see so many people in
here. Right now I am having fun every day."
(On receiving his first Kensho money of 30,000 Yen)
I guess I drop by to a convenience store and spend it
there (laughs)."

Futeno 1-0 (over Dejima by yorikiri) 7.3 seconds
"I got carried over by my opponent from the tachiai
but I remained calm. It feels like I found and picked
up a win today."

Chiyotaikai 1-0 (over Kakizoe by hatakikomi) 2.9
"I got him up by using my arm strength before dropping
(Feeling motivated by seeing WBC Strawweight champion
Eagle Kyowa defend his title the night before and even
got on the ring to celebrate with him.)
"I got so psyched by Eagle, there was no way I could
lose today."

Asasekiryu 1-0 (over Kaio by okuridashi) 4.7 seconds
(All smiles after beating Ozeki Kaio)
"It's been a while I have been able to challenge a top
rank rikishi so I am really happy. I want to beat
another one (Hakuho) tomorrow."

Kaio 0-1 (losing to Asasekiryu)
"At the exact same time I moved forward, he executed
an "Inashi" - what can I say, it was just a perfect
timing on his part. I didn't think my tachiai was bad
at all. I feel much better than I felt back in Osaka
(at the Haru Basho),"

Kotooshu 0-1 (losing to his nemesis Kisenosato by
(On thinking him as a rival)
"No, none whatsoever. "
(On injured knee)
(Asked about his tachiai once too often in his view by
"Listen. You've all seen it yourself. Just write it as
it is. That's all."

Kisenosato 1-0 (over Kotooshu)
(Normally quiet but can't stop talking this day)
"I thought he would definitely come out trying to get
the right mawashi. For some reason I got easily into
my own form. He is so tall, I really can exert all I
have against him. You can generate so much intensity
going against an Ozeki too. I won't never get beaten
as far as intensity is concerned. I have more
confidence in myself as I am winning more bouts
against him (three wins one loss against Kotooshu).
Well it's still the Day 1 and he is still injured

Kitanoumi oyakata
(On Kisenosato)
"For him it should be worthwhile if he can just be a
presence to create a havoc to his opponents. If he can
constantly maintain a rank so that he can face the
yokozuna, before you know it he will naturally gain

Hakuho 1-0 (over Wakanosato by tsukiotoshi) 5.2
"I knew he really studied my moves. That's why he came
out with his head first and circled to a side. I was
able to move well. I felt comfortable or else I
couldn't move around like that. I am so relieved to
get the first win. I really wanted to show my best to
the visitors from Mongolia (two Mongolian yokozunas
taking in the basho this day). For sure I couldn't
drop this one."

Wakanosato 0-1 (losing to Hakuho)
"I thought I had a good tachiai. I wanted to win badly
but it's over now. I wanted to go after him hard
whether I lost or won."

Tochiazuma 1-0 (over Kyokutenho by oshidashi) 6.9
"Like today I need to stay patient and stick with my
own sumo form. I know this may be a common sense but I
can achieve the rank only if I can withstand all the
pressures. I feel I am being given a good lesson."

Kitanoumi oyakata, Kyokai chairman
(Still fuming over Tochiazuma's less than enthusiastic
and lackluster performance at the Soken held last
"I want him to clearly show us his appeal. If we are
subjected to such a dreadful training session, how can
I make any reasonable comment about him? Even talking
about whether it's 13 or 14 wins (for the promotion)
itself is insulting sumo fans."

Asashoryu 1-0 (over Ama by uwatenage) 17.4 seconds
"I can feel Ama is gaining strength but today I was
able to get the mawashi. He can become very sticky so
I kept attacking him before he had a chance to start
something. You always need to take care of Day 1 bout.
Besides I couldn't really afford to lose today as I
got a brand new magnificent kesho mawashi (presented
to him by the supporters club chariman)."

Ama 0-1 (losing to Asashoryu)
"I think I had a good tachiai by trying not to give
him the left mawashi."
(On Asashoryu's left uwate)
"Oh..that mawashi. I couldn't cut him off of that. The
yokozuna has a tremendous pulling strength."

Miyabiyama 1-0 (over Kotoshogiku by hatakikomi) 1.6
(Getting a win by pulldown)
"You know as well as I do, it isn't something I need
to explain to you guys what happened here. Hmmm...you
know what? we have more than five foreign born
rikishis above Sanyaku now. You know something else? I
am often asked if I am from Hawaii at a bar. So I ask
them why? Then they tell me because I have sharper
facial features. That really gets me so happy, I keep
drinking even more. Anyway I know I have to work much
harder to keep up with them."

(Receiving a Jyun-Toshiyori status allowing him to
stay with Kyokai for a period of one year.)
"Now that I decided to retire, unlike what I expected,
I feel rather refreshed."
"I really wanted to enter this basho but I could never
recover from my back injury and I couldn't train at
all. I just could never regain my fighting spirit to
come back either."
"My most memorable moment was when I was promoted to
Komusubi at the 2003 Aki Basho."
" Konishiki-zeki and Mitoizumi-zeki really took care
of me and developed me as a rikishi. Looking back my
active days, I really feel it has been a blessed sumo
life as I was surrounded by really good people.."
"From now on, as a Jyun-Toshiyori, I want to teach new
recruits to a move-forward style of sumo rather than
resorting to slapdowns (laughs)."

Toki Makuuchi record: 249 wins, 303 losses 18 kyujo

Takasago oyakata
"The era of sideburns has come to close. From now on I
am looking forward to seeing him develop clean cut
young recruits."


Maegashira East 14 Tokitsuumi, 32, has withdrawn from
the Basho due to a lower back injury. He injured it
while doing a training session against Chiyotaikai
prior to the basho. Jumonji received a Fusen win. This
is Tokitsuumi's fifth kyujo and the first time since
2003 Natsu Basho. He is hoping to re-join if he
recovers sufficiently. His opponent on Day 2,
Yoshikaze will now face Juryo's Kasuganishiki.

"We will be taking a look for four or five days as
it's more of day to day thing and I expect him to
improve daily," Tokitsukaze oyakata, his shisho, said.


Juryo East 14 Masatsukasa, 21, of Irumagawa Beya
injuried his left inner knee ligaments and has already
announced his kyujo. This will be his second kyujo
since the 2003 Kyushu Basho.


The Kyokai announced eleven new recruites have cleared
their entrance exams that were held earlier. Among the
new recruits, nine passed the regular physical and two
have passed the secondary exams for those who do not
meet the Kyokai's height and weight requirements.
Keisho Shimoda, 22, of Nihon University Sumo Club and
the last year's College Yokozuna has received the
Makushita 15 equivalent ranking.


Otowayama oyakata (former Ozeki Takanonami) has
returned to the Kokugikan. He has been hospitalized
since January for heart problems but now recovered
sufficiently to resume his normal routines. "It really
does not affect my day to day living. Ever since my
active days, I hate go on kyujo anyway," the oyakata

During two months of hospitalization, the oyakata lost
30 kg and was even reported in a critical condition.
"I just saw him and he looks good. I am sure he will
keep recovering nicely from now on," Takanohana
oyakata said.


It's been twenty years sicne there was "1 Yokozuna 5
Ozekis" Basho. It's so rare that since the beginning
of Showa Era, there were only five such bashos.

In both previous cases, there wer three veteran ozekis
and two relatively new ones. Between 1972 Kyushu and
1973 Hatsu Bashos, the yokzouna was Kitanofuji with
Ozeki Kotozakura, Kiyokuni and Daikirin made up
veteran ozekis in their 30s while the two newcomers
were Takanohana and Wajima. The most senior Ozeki in
the group, Kotozakura really got motivated and won two
consecutive 14-1 Yushos and became yokozuna and
subsequently this group was dissolved after two
bashos. Kotozakura had 32 bashos as Ozeki and this
record of becoming yokozuna after 32 Ozeki bashos is
still tied as the slowest since the Showa Era.

The next one that started from 1986 Haru Basho had
Wakashimazu with 20 Ozeki bashos, Asashio with 18
Ozeki bashos and Hokutenyu with 17 Ozeki bashos. The
two newcomers were Onokuni and Kitao. This situation
ended after three bashos as the youngest of them, 22
year old Kitao was promoted to yokozuna.

This time around we have 30 year old Chiyotaikai with
44 Ozeki bashos, 35 year old Kaio and 29 year old
Tochiazuma with 25 Ozeki Bashos. The newcomers are 23
year old Kotooshu with three Ozeki bashos and 21 year
old Hakuho.

If Tochiazuma can win the yusho or leave an equivalent
record this basho, he will be promoted to yokozuna and
it will mean this arrangement will come to end in one basho.

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