[sumo] [Sumo games] Final Reminder - Entries for Totoro's hoshitori- Natsu basho

Doitsuyama doitsuyama at ozumo.de
Fri May 5 20:34:48 EDT 2006

Hello all hoshitori players,

The next basho is starting Sunday and you can send in your selections 
for Totoro's hoshitori. You can change it as often as you want until 
the deadline. No makuuchi rikishi are kyujo on day 1, so you may select 
any rikishi for your entry.

The hoshitori page can be reached with: 
Hoshi home: http://hoshitori.sumogames.com/Hoshitori/hoshi.html

Here is a link to the rules for all newcomers, always worth a read:
Rules:      http://hoshitori.sumogames.com/Hoshitori/rules.html

Here is a link to the new banzuke:
Banzuke:    http://hoshitori.sumogames.com/Hoshitori/hosh-banzuke.shtml

Here is a direct link to the entry form:
Entry form: http://hoshitori.sumogames.com/Hoshitori/entry.html

The entries can be made until noon JST on Shonichi (May 7, 2006).

Best wishes

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