[sumo] Baruto & shikonas - thieves in heya.

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I've come across an article along a similar lines before.

10th July 1958

20 Sumo Wrestlers Pounce On Thief

    NAGOYA, July 9. - Wrestlers here today caught a man who has been specializing in lifting things from their rooms. 
    At about 12.30 p.m. about 20 men of the Dewanoumi Camp including Yokozuna Tochinishiki, Dewanishiki, Ohikari and
Naruyama dragged out a suspicious looking character hiding under the floor of their lodging at Choeiji Temple here. 
    The man was identified as Koichi Yamamoto. The 25-year-old thief admitted he had been hiding under the floor for three
days, looking for a chance to pilfer the wrestlers' belongings. 
    At the time of his capture he had with him some clothing, foodstuff and other things which he had stolen. 

Katrina <katrina at shoin.ac.jp> wrote: Hi Murray,

That was a very funny story.  I saw it on the evening news too.  That robber rates among the world's dumbest.


On 31/03/2006, at 12:03 PM, murray johnson wrote:

> Yesterday morning in Osaka at the temporary heya a burglar decided to rob a local premises early in the morning. Little did he know as he did not see the name plate so early in the morning that he was about to be nabbed.
> Dewanosato asked him what he was doing and then put him in a bear hug. 
> The noise woke the other rikishi and soon the unsuspecting, and obviously not  too bright robber, was in the center of a large circle of large men. Surrounded by 20 sumotori resulted in the man realizing that he had definitely targeted the wrong residence.

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