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> Hi Joe (et al),
> Actually I thought my message to Doreen was a private mail because I 
> thought hers to me was one, I didn't notice the list header.  However  I'm 
> glad that we  did have a chance to express publicly what we  thought about 
> the yaocho conspiracy theory.
> I am busy now cleaning out my office at the university, as I have to  be 
> out by Friday.  I'm going back to Australia to spend some time  with my 
> mother, she's 87 now.  I haven't even started packing and  sorting at 
> home, and after 25 years it'll be a big job, so I've given  myself a month 
> to do it and will be leaving Japan in May.  I am  planning to attend the 
> basho and take the opportunity to say thank  you and goodbye to all those 
> in the sumo world who have been so kind  to me over the past 20 years of 
> sumo watching.  If NHK will have me,  I hope to make one more appearance 
> on the BS broadcast.
> Although I will return to Australia I don't plan on severing my sumo  ties 
> completely.  I will still help the International Sumo  Federation, of 
> which I am a board member, and will come to Japan from  time to time, 
> naturally I will try to make it coincide with a sumo  basho.  Of course I 
> will depend even more on you and the list to keep  me up to date on what's 
> happening in Ozumo.
> Taking advantage of my new found freedom from work, I will pop over  to LA 
> for the US Sumo Open next week.  If I'm lucky, as well as  enjoying 
> watching the event,  I may meet some list members there.
> Cheers,
> Katrina


I am sorry to hear you're leaving Japan, and I surely hope you will return 
someday.  So many times on this list you have not only been a very readable 
authoritative source for us sumophobes, but also a sorely needed voice of 
reason; so please continue your efforts on our behalf, if at all possible. 
In one way, you may consider yourself lucky...last year I lost my elderly 
Mom unexpectedly.  She lived in another state and I missed being there for 
her, and now very much wish I had able to spend more time with her at that 
stage of life.  Best of all to both of you.

Lon Howard

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