[sumo] Recommended reading on & offline about sumo history ?

O'Flaherty, Brian brian.o'flaherty at banctec.co.uk
Tue Mar 28 10:05:42 EST 2006

Hi all,
  I am fascinated with the stories of the earlier rikishi (pre-1900) and
their impact on sumo, particularly the yokozuna.  The likes of Tanikaze,
Jinmaku & Raiden (I know, not technically a yokozuna). Particularly stuff
like the 'yokozuna comparisons' article at sumofanmag.com.  I thoroughly
enjoyed that.  I notice that the goo-Sumo site only goes back as far as the
34th yokozuna in their retrospective.  Is there anywhere else anyone has
found that gives an interesting story of the earlier eras?  

I'm not too familiar yet with the Japanese words regular thrown into Sumo
talk so the 'lighter' the read the better, although I'll take anything.  Are
there also any English-language books out there on the history of Sumo and
it's personalities that people might be able to recommend ?  

I've already sent a mail to goo-Sumo asking if they'll be going further back
with their retrospective although I wont hold my breath and I'd love to hear
from people online who are also fascinated with this aspect of Sumo.  Any
stories or anecdotes anyone on here has also managed to accrue over the
years would also be very much appreciated.


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