[sumo] [Spoiler] yaocho?

Doitsuyama doitsuyama at ozumo.de
Tue Mar 28 01:09:42 EST 2006

Joshua Maciel wrote:
> Even beyond the cost of one Yusho, if Hakuho did win 
> the championship, he'd enter Ozeki with a 14-1 record and 
> a Yusho under his belt, potentially setting himself up for 
> consecutive Yusho (one at Ozeki) at a time when there is 
> only one Yokozuna. That would mean possible promotion and 
> MORE money.

You write a lot, but this paragraph pointedly shows that you don't know
that much about sumo in first place, so why I should I take your
ramblings serious? To correct you: A Hakuho yusho this basho would be
absolutely worthless in regard to a yokozuna promotion after next basho.
The mere thought is hilarious.


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