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Jeanne Hedge sumo at jhedge.com
Mon Mar 27 13:00:56 EST 2006

At 10:52 AM 3/27/2006, Joe Kuroda wrote:
 >--- Joshua Maciel <joshua.maciel at gmail.com> wrote:
 >> There is corruption in most pursuits where money is
 >> on the line. The
 >> reason they picked sumo was because it was far far
 >> easier to pick
 >> definite times when there was a clear reason to
 >> cheat, unlike many
 >> other sports.
 >So how did Asashoryu and Hakuho both losing in the
 >hon-wari and Asashoryu winning yet again for 16th
 >times help put the money on the line?

This is the easy, and has been said several times already.  Hakuho
losing to Kaio keeps the fans happy because Kaio doesn't have to
retire/be demoted and also draws the spotlight (media attention),
which makes the old boys happy. Asa losing to Zuma keeps Tochiazuma's
hopes alive in the drive for Yokozuna, and keeps hope alive for those
who feel the need for a "great Japanese hope", which additionally
puts sumo even more into the spotlight. Asa beating Hakuho adds to a
new sumo rivalry (competitive rivalries are Good Things in sports,
after all), this one between the "bad boy" (Asa, although he may be
replaced in this role by Osh if Osh doesn't get an attitude
adjustment) and the "up-and-comer" (who recently overcame injury),
which also adds to the spotlight. And being in the media spotlight
usually adds to the interest level, which can translate into
increased attendance, which makes the old boys *very* happy indeed.

Jeanne Hedge

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