[sumo] [BS Game] [spoiler] Day 15 Bout Result - Kakizoe/Hakurozan-- bad call?

Eric ARMENTIA mr.bill at modulonet.fr
Mon Mar 27 04:29:03 EST 2006

I do think you're right !
I only saw the bout through the stream and lots of people could have a 
better view on it but still...


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bad call?

> M6e Kakizoe (9-6) oshidashi M12e Hakurozan (9-6)
> Does anyone else think that Hakurozan wuz robbed in this result?
> Kakizoe's calf was clearly on the dohyo for a few moments before 
> Hakurozan's feet touched outside. No mono-ii, no nothing.
> (OT: No big deal for either rikishi, I guess, as they both finished 9-6, 
> but poor Norizo in Bench Sumo! Loses the Day 15 bout by 1 point, because 
> of Hakurozan in the 2-point slot. And as a result, goes make-koshi.)
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