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this discussion is just another one without any proof on either side 
seeing the outcome of day 14, i also was sure the stage was prepared for the
mentioned win-win-win-win-situation and i posted my "suspicion" on the
german sumoforum....

it came that way and that's all.....
now way to proof i was right but there also is no chance to proof that it
was not fixed...

so, let's all be happy about an exciting basho and if it the bouts were
fixed, they did everything right, because all are happy....maybe not
stewart's friend or hakuho's parents, but most of the others....

i am happy about the outcome of senshuraku wether it was a scheme or not....

gernot aka gernobono

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> Hi all,
> A friend suggested that, given the lackluster performance of Asashoryu
> and Hakuho in their respective regulation matches, they had been told
> to take dives.  To him, it seemed like the perfect setup:
> 1. Kaio gets to stay on as ozeki.
> 2. Tochiazuma retains a good chance of yokozuna promotion after Natsu.
> 3. Increases fan excitement.
> 4. Doesn't affect the yusho outcome; Asa and Hakuho still get to fight
>   in a (gachinko) ketteisen.
> He wondered when the NSK would change its name to World Wide Sumo :)
> Comments?

> --Stewart

Gosh, where to start....

First of all, the NSK did NOT get 'everything they wanted' as has been 
suggested, because at basho's end, there is still no Japanese yokozuna.  But

regarding your friend's 'suggestions,' some questions:

(1)  How is it that Hakuho is so much more compliant to NSK than Aminishiki,

Miyabiyama, or Kaio, when he had more to lose than any of them?
(2)  Where did Hakuho get his new-found acting ability - or is there a 
chance that his wind-sucking demonstrations before his two losses were the 
real thing?
(3)  Why does he think the yusho outcome wasn't affected, when either man 
could have won it outright during regulation?  Does he believe the 
kettei-sen was fixed, too?
(4)  Asashoryu take a dive, making it two straight losses to the same 
rikishi, and risking the yusho to boot?  Again, does he believe the 
kettei-sen was also fixed?

Anytime there is an exciting finish to a basho, you can always spin a yaocho

theory.  There was too much on the line for either of these two guys to 
agree to such a thing.  What we saw today was high drama, raw and 
unscripted.  I loved all of it.

Lon Howard

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