[sumo] [Spoiler] Rikishi Talk Day 11 Haru Basho 2006

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Hakuho 11-0 (over Asashoryu by uwate-dashinage) 20.5
(Letting Asashoryu to quickly get into his
Hidari-Yotsu form and grab the right side mawashi but
prevailed in the end.)
"When he got it, I thought this was going to be not
good but I was able to remain calm and that led to the
win. I am really happy, that's all I can say for now."
"We all know it's not over yet. It means nothing if I
lose to the other rikishis. But now that I won this
bout today, I can start thinking (about the yusho)."
"From now on I can keep (Asashoryu) in my mind."

Hakuho's mother
(Jumping out with joy)
"He's done it!"

Hakuho's father
(More subdued and philosophical)
"The yokozuna's wall is wider than one can imagine. To
break through it, it requires tremendous efforts. As
his father, I feel extremely happy for the victory."

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Sumo Kyokai
(On Hakuho's ozeki promotion)
"I'd like to see him get at least another or possibly
two wins. You can talk about 33 wins all you want but
if he loses the next four, it will tarnish the image
and have less impact. Rather than going into a numbers
game, I want him to aim for his first yusho. If he is
going for the yusho, things like ozeki ranking will
naturally fall into the place."

Kokonoe oyakata (former yokozuna Chiyonofuji), Dohyo
(Asked if Hakuho was showing Ozeki Sumo already)
"Already Ozeki Sumo? You mean already Yokozuna sumo."
(On the promotion)
"At this point I really cannot make a specific comment
as we never know what's going to happen in the rest of
this basho. All I can say is I'd like him to aim for a
higher goal."

Asashoryu 10-1 (losing to Hakuho)
(Still cannot hide the shock)
"I was in my best position with having the right
mawashi firmly...but he really got me good today. I
want to go back trainining much harder so I can get to
be stronger."

Chiyotaikai 8-3 (over Dejima by oshidashi) 2.4 seconds
(Escaping his record setting ninth Kadoban)
"I had a feeling things would go well this basho as I
never permitted my opponent to grab my mawashi.
Somehow I thought I'd be all right. Seeing Kaio win
(from the dohyo side), I got really psyched up
thinking why not me too."

Tochiazuma 8-3 (losing to Kaio by yorikiri) 10.1
"My body was so stiff from tension. I started thinking
so many things at the tachiai. By the time I realized,
I was already in his Hidari-yotsu position. I lost the
bout today because of my immaturity. I really can't do
anything about it now. For the next four days I will
have to try to get into my sumo form with everything I

Kitanoumi oyakata
(On Tochiazuma)
"At this point, he is three wins behind the leader. I
can definitely state he is nowhere close to winning
the yusho or is equivalent to the yusho winner. At
minimum he will have to win all his remaining bouts to
have a decent chance to lead his pursuit into the next

Kokonoe oyakata, chief dohyo judge
(On Tochiazuma)
"If he can somehow get 12 wins, perhaps then he can
possibly pursue it again in the next basho."

Kaio 5-6 (over Tochiazuma)
"I still think I am moving relatively well. I just
need a little luck on my side."
(On his retirement talk)
"First and foremost I'd like to focus solely on this
basho right now."

Kitanoumi oyakata
"If he can display a sumo like he did today, he can
keep going. If he has the desire. he can continue
trying his best"

Tomozuna oyakata (Kaio's shisho)
(Deciding to talk to Kaio again. Announcing Kaio's
decision not to retire immediately even when losing
eight bouts and decide to wait till the basho is over)
"After hearing from so many of his supporters and fans
pleading to let Kaio continue, I began to feel that
whether I should be making the decision all by myself.
He seems to be moving better and displaying a better
sumo. We can review his condition and think about his
future again once the basho is over. If he can
maintain the present level, I see no reason for him to
retire now."
(Asking Kaio to continue even as sekiwake?)
"Well I am beginning to feel that I may have to.."

Dewaotori 4-2 (over Raiko by yorikiri)
(Gettign kachikoshi at Makushita East 1, former High
School yokozuna assured himself of his first Juryo
promotion. Encouraged by his senior at Meitoku Gijuku
High School, Asashoryu and heya's senior Futeno whom
he does his Tsukebito duty)
"I am so happy. From now on I'd keep working hard to
achieve a model of yotsu sumo style like

Dewanoumi oyakata, Dewaotori's shisho
"His strength is his solid lower back. I hope he will
be working harder to compete well against foreign born
rikishis. I am really looking forward to his future."

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