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I have a pretty good idea as to why people like Tim McCarvers stay on the 
airwaves because like me like to listen to him. A fair way to say it is "to 
each his/her own" I also like the NHK English very much I do not how ever 
like the way Hiro says some words as I am sure he would feel the same about 
some of mine.
Hey just talking out loud.

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>>   I'd take the guys on NSK-English anyday, over the
>> Tim McCarvers and Steven A. Smith's of the world!
> Amen, brother. I've never understood why these guys
> are able to stay on the airwaves. All they do is try
> to push people's buttons and somehow that appeals to
> the networks. Maybe the networks think that the more
> reaction (albeit negative)they get the better. Instead
> they should look at the quality of the feedback. I,
> personally, do not watch a sporting event because of
> the commentator, I watch the event for "the actual
> event." In fact an overly biased negative commentator
> will sometimes make me turn the TV off.
> Hinerikeri
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