[sumo] Makushita Ken'o

Matz, Justin Thyme JMATZ at imf.org
Wed Mar 15 12:09:09 EST 2006


The story of Makushita 60 East, Ken'o, is fairly interesting.
Ohno!Matz-beya's Ken'o began his career as a promising wrestler under
his real name (Kumai) reaching Makushita in only seven tournaments from
his hatsu-dohyo.  He firmly established himself in Makushita in 2000
rising as far as Makushita 19.   He then suffered a major injury and
only appeared in one full basho from Hatsu 2001 all the way through Aki
2002.  He then fell off the banzuke for seven basho starting in 2002,
spending all of 2003 as a banzuke-gai wrestler. Upon his comeback in
Hatsu Basho 2004, he promptly won the Jonokuchi Yusho.  He won the
Jonidan Yusho the following tournament and appeared to be on his way
back.  He has since languished in upper Sandanme.  His new rank
(Makushita 60) represents his first appearance in Makushita since 2001 -
a span of 30 basho or 5 years!
He certainly has tenacity to keep going on for so long and after such a
devastating injury.  I think it is awesome that he has returned to
Makushita and I hope that he can press onward to breaking his career
high rank in the coming year!  

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