[sumo] Ama hair pulled by Asashoryu on Day 2? (was re:...)

Tetsuonoumi wcb at BostonDynamics.com
Tue Mar 14 09:01:52 EST 2006

Barbara, it's unclear in the banzuke.com video to me.  I see what you 
are talking about, but I can't tell if it Asashoryu is pulling on the 
hair or the back of the neck.  In addition, Ama is twisting is head 
around to try to see Asashoryu, so that accounts for at least part of 
the head snapping back.  Asashoryu really had Ama in a bad position 
at that point, you say it contributes to Ama being unable to regain 
his footing, but to me Ama is in big trouble because he is facing the 
wrong way.

I don't know how flagrant it has to be.  In soccer, if your hand 
touches the ball inadvertently, there is often no call, and in my 
mind that is the right call.  I think it is the same situation here.


At 04:08 AM 3/14/2006, you wrote:
>Asashoryuu pulled Ama's hair!  No one in the broadcast mentioned 
>it.  I played that scene in slow motion and it seemed clear to 
>me.  Ama is moving at the side when suddenly Asashoryuu's hand goes 
>down on his head and Ama's head snaps back due to having his hair 
>pulled.  Asashoryuu did not keep the handhold on the hair, but 
>nevertheless it seemed to me that it contributed to Ama being unable 
>to regain his footing.  How flagrant does it have to be to deserve a 
>Nitschke, Alexander wrote:
>>Yokozuna Asashoryu also doesn't seem to be at his best but is
>>2-0 after a revanche win against Ama.
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