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Dear Ann and others who cared about Percy,
Thank you Ann for this news. I am not in Hawaii at the moment and would
have missed the article. I knew Percy very well- both in sumo and in
Hawaii, where he occasionally stayed at my home with my younger son when I
went to Tokyo for sumo.
He was a very sweet man, kind and generous, and smart. I cannot imagine
him being violent to anyone. It was just not his personality.

We( my sons and I) were shocked and very saddened to hear about his death,
and I do miss him.
the SUMO artist


> Article: Man convicted of murdering friend
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>           Daiki's murderer was found guilty.
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> A 31-year-old man will be sentenced to a life in prison with the
> possibility of parole for the stabbing murder of a former sumo wrestler
> who was his longtime friend.
> Kealiiokalani Meheula showed no emotion yesterday when he heard that the
> Circuit Court jury rejected his claim of self defense and found him guilty
> of the second-degree murder of Percy Kipapa, a Castle High School
> classmate.
> Kipapa's father said he found closure with the verdict, but no happiness.
> "I'm sorry that he'll have to spend the rest of his life in a place that
> he shouldn't be over there," he said about Meheula.
> The jury deliberated for about a day before also rejecting a conviction on
> a lesser offense of manslaughter.
> Circuit Judge Karl Sakamoto scheduled the sentencing for Sept. 6 when
> Meheula will be sentenced to the mandatory term of life with parole.
> The judge also granted a request by the prosecution to hold Meheula
> without bail in view of the verdict.
> Meheula had been free on $150,00!
>  0 bail. He was escorted from the courtroom that was full of relatives and
> friends of both the victim and the defendant.
> Meheula's family wept as he was taken away.
> Willie Domingo, Meheula's lawyer, said they will be looking at an appeal.
> He said his client had a message for Kipapa's family that he's sorry for
> what happened to the man he feels was his friend. "That's the way he'll
> always feel about him," Domingo said.
> During the trial, Meheula testified that he stabbed his friend multiple
> times in a pickup truck in Kahalu'u May 16 last year because Kipapa was
> choking him. Meheula said he thought he was going to die.
> Meheula denied smoking crystal methamphetamine, but said his friend was
> smoking ice, which was detected during an autopsy.
> However, city Deputy Prosecutor Glenn Kim said Meheula was also smoking
> ice, based on his appearance following the stabbing and statements he made
> to firefighters who arrived on the scene that he had smoked ice.
> "This was a blit!
>  z attack on an unarmed man," Kim said.
> Kim said a key factor!
>   for the
>  jury may have been Meheula's testimony accounting for each of the stab
> wounds to Kipapa's torso, hands and thigh. The testimony suggested that
> the defendant was fabricating a story to match the evidence, Kim said.
> "You would think if you're being strangled to death and you're in a
> traumatic life threatening situation, you wouldn't think you would
> remember every significant wound," Kim said.
> Kim said during the trial, two prosecution witnesses testified Meheula
> admitted to the stabbing, saying Kipapa had taken stuff from him and had
> been fooling around with Meheula's girlfriend.
> The deputy prosecutor said he was "extremely pleased" for the victim's
> parents and family, whom he described as "really good people." Kipapa, Kim
> said, was also "just a sweetheart of a guy."
> Kipapa was a sumo wrestler in Japan for about six years.
> Kipapa's father said he was happy for his son's career. He said the son
> shared his love with the public, not only in Hawai'i, but in Japan. "He w!
>  as just a lovable boy," the father said.
> But the father said he holds no grudges.
> "We never had no vengeance against the family or nobody because it was
> something that took place between him (Meheula) and my son, but my son is
> not here to say (his side) of the story ... But I'm glad the case is
> over."
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