[sumo] Sadogatake visit-last two days

Scott Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Fri Jun 9 12:42:28 EDT 2006

Hi Moti,

I wanted to extend to you my sincere thanks for your efforts in 
describing your personal take and contributions.  The scenes that you 
describe and take pride in are fascinating, and you make it seem as 
though we are tagging along.  The experience sounds amazing, and having 
travelled to many of the sites the rikishi visited, the pictures are 
quite vivid.  From the sleepless enthusiasm of your posts, it seems as 
though you are having an experience of a lifetime.  Thanks for including 
some of us lurkers.

Off topic to the Israel visit, I do want to make a comment about a prior 
post here which I presume was made in reference to the 1985 mini 
tournament held at Madison Square Garden here in New York.  My 
experience was that the audience was furthest from what was described in 
that post as an "audience of know-nothing curiosity-seekers".   I 
attended that event with around 10 friends of mine, and there were many 
personalities in attendence, one person who I distinctly remember was 
Dick Cavet, the former talk show host who is hardly what I would refer 
to as an uneducated curiousity-seeker.  The initial audience fascination 
(from those who had never seen sumo before) over the large size of the 
wrestlers was quickly replaced by a true appreciation for the agility 
and talents of the wrestlers, especially when Chiyonofuji defeated 
Konishiki.  Perhaps the audience was not as sophisticated as audiences 
that attend basho in Japan, but by the end of the three days, I can 
personally relate that the audience that I was around was just as 
appreciative and passionate for sumo as many of us on this list, and 
definitely converted.


moti wrote:

> Yesterday, everyone was totally relaxed, since the "basho" was over. 
> We left the hotel at 9 am for the Dead Sea, a ride that usually takes 
> about two and a half hours. The rikishi, who, as mentioned, were on an 
> incredibly tight schedule, asked for some time to go shopping, so we 
> stopped in Beer Sheva for an hour of shopping at the mall. We finally 
> arrived at around 13:00, to the sight of at least 20 TV crews from all 
> over the world- for this was the big story of the visit-will they 
> float or not..
> First, they hit the pool, and were like kids in an amusement park, 
> throwing each other around and stuff (video will follow). 
> Moto-Kotozakura jumped into the pool and swam for a long while as 
> well. Then,the big event- led by the Israeli Ambassador to Japan Eli 
> Cohen (this whole trip was his brain-child) they entered the Dead Sea. 
> And-yes..they floated, all of them. Oyakata did the customary "I'm 
> holding a newspaper with both hands while floating on my back" pose. 
> Then, some mud treatment. The media went wild.
> After that, a short shopping spree at the "Ahava" mineral cosmetics 
> outlet, and a long three hour drive for the farewell dinner, where 
> presents were exchanged.
> This morning, the goodbyes at the airport. It was quite nice to be 
> able to chat with moto-Kotozakura for quite a while, as the others 
> were busy with the check-in routine. We bid our farewells, and went 
> our respective ways.
> It was fun.

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