[sumo] Memories of Oz

Doreen Simmons jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
Thu Jun 8 20:20:13 EDT 2006

Watching the increasing exposure in Japanese papers and TV news of 
Sadogatake-beya's very successful Israel trip, I was reminded that this 
week was the 9th anniversary of the immensely popular Australia koen. 
Unfortunately on that occasion a scheduling problem  robbed us of Katrina's 
skilled announcing; the Vancouver koen was the first time someone 
knowledgeable about sumo was given the job of introducing the bouts and 
explaining something about sumo. (Well, there was the long-ago New York 
Koen, but although the compere, John Wheeler, was knowledgeable about sumo 
(he ghosted Takamiyama's book), he was stuck with an audience of 
know-nothing curiosity-seekers and, in the snippets I heard, made no 
attempt to do more than whip up a bit of partisanship.)

The NHK clip, which I've now seen twice, has Moti's voice in the background 
explaining the niramiai in Hebrew -- and incidentally using the Japanese 
word to warn the guys  to do a niramiai! It's been lovely reading Moti's 
reports and sharing his delight; but the heya, and the sponsors, were very 
very fortunate to have Moti, who not only speaks Japanese and is one of the 
most savvy sumo experts/ enthusiasts, but is also a broadcasting 
professional well-known in Israel.

Ah well, back to the grind -- after a day's work I have a concert to sing 
tonight -- and another tomorrow (and provide assorted rattles, dings and 
whomps). After that maybe I'll have a little more time to sit down and read 
the backlog of messages.

This morning's NHK news had the Dead Sea floating scenes. Great stuff, Moti!

Doreen Simmons
<jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp>

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