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Thu Jan 19 22:40:58 EST 2006

Hi, Satoru, 
  You have described Katrina Watts, and Dave Wiggins.
  Some people like Dave's "maple syrup" jokes.  He means that the rikishi has been flattened on the dohyo, like a pancake.  So, he says, pour some maple syrup on him.  
  I live in Vermont, where the best maple syrup is made.  I would not pour maple syrup on Roho!
  Best regards,

Satoru Takeuchi <takeuchijjiji at gmail.com> wrote:
  Hello to everyone.

Many messages were sent to me of welcome. Thank you very much. I will do my
best to be good member.

For last three days I watch and listen to NHK English. There is much I do
not know. I like lady Miss Whats who knows very much about sumo. She did all
bouts on replay and very good play by play. Today a man who talked about
pancakes and sirup and wiggles when walking. Many things and sayings I did
not know.

In bookstore I see magazine with Yokozuna on cover. It is name Metropolis. I
look on internet and find online, too. Story about foreigners by list person
Mark Buckton.Story about Yokozuna by list person Doreen Simmons with
photographs by list person Barbara Ann Klein. I am privileged to be in
company so esteemed.

I hope list is also in between when there is no basho.

Satoru Takeuchi
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