[sumo] Next week's Tokyo Friend Park 2

Joe Petrow joepetrow at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 16:38:57 EST 2006

For those who can watch Tokyo Broadcasting System channel, next week's
Tokyo Friend Park 2 will have Sadogatake Oyakata (former Kotooshu) and
his Makunouchi deshi Kotooshu, Kotomitsuki, and Kotoshogiku as the

Tokyo Friend Park 2 is a long-running variety/game show where
contestants do things such as wear a velcro suit and jump on a
trampoline onto a velcro wall, air hockey, and answering trivia
questions while running, towards the ultimate goal of winning fabulous
prizes on the spinning dart board.  Past sumo contestants on this show
have included Asashoryu, Akebono, Terao, Chiyotaikai, and many

TFP2 airs Monday at 6:55pm.

  - Joe

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