[sumo] [spoiler] Haru 2006 Sanyaku

Tetsuonoumi wcb at BostonDynamics.com
Mon Feb 27 10:22:49 EST 2006

This is of course totally subjective, but this looks to me like the 
most powerful sanyaku lineup we've seen in a long while.  Should be a 
great basho!  Every rikishi looks capable of beating Asashoryu and 
most even have yusho chances.  With this much firepower, there will 
be some very good rikishi with losing records in March.

A hot Tochiazuma, a hot Kotooshu, and the 
I-wrestle-best-when-I'm-kabodan Chiyotaikai are as dangerous an ozeki 
trio in quite a while.  Hakuho has been looking like ozeki material 
lately.  Kotomitsuki is dangerous although sometimes surprisingly 
weak and inconsistent. Roho is finally getting the wins everyone 
thought he would a year ago, he's a rising star.

And a special mention here for Miyabiyama, who I think has looked 
much better on the dohyo the last few bashos.  But can he ever live 
up to the expectations that greeted him upon exiting university and 
entering ozumo?  I hope so, he has a tough road, but I think has 
taken all the adversity with a lot of class.  He just needs to 
continue to work on consistency, balance, and not beating himself.

Kaio is the only one I project as a non-factor, poor guy.


At 04:38 PM 2/26/2006, Moti wrote:
>All I have for the moment..
>  Asashouryuu Yokozuna
>Tochiazuma Ozeki Kotooushuu
>Chiyotaikai Ozeki Kaiou
>Hakuhou Sekiwake Kotomitsuki
>Rohou Komusubi Miyabiyama
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