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Saturday February 18, 2006
About movie "Chanko" - Talk with Azuma san of "Take 2"
and Team Fetenou
Subject: About me

Yesterday I had a talk with "AZU MAX" (aka Takahiro
Azuma of TAKE 2 comedy group) !!! about a new motion
picture "CHANKO".

The movie "Chanko" is scheduled tol open on March 18
so everyone, please try to go see it!

The story is set at Higashi Hiroshima University Sumo
Club. Due to a dwindling number of the members, the
club is in danger of shutting down. And to saving it
from extinction were a female student and exchange

It will describe an interaction between a female
university student named Yuka Nakata who devotes her
total energy into sumo as if to alleviate an insipid
college life and an exchange student who is trying the
best to adapt to different customs by attempting to
understand the Japanese culture through sumo.

So there you have it, the basic plot.

Azuma san plays a passionate graduate and former
member of the sumo club. I mentioned it during the
talk but he really built his physique for the role....

The talk was set from noon at Dewanoumi Beya.

And as soon as I saw him coming in...

I started going.....

Actually before the meeting, I was told by the people
at Baseball magazine company (the publisher of Sumo
magazine) roughly what we should be talking about....

But then Azuma san just went on non-stop talking
without worrying about the agenda..
and I for one never to get beaten also went on
blabbering away...

I doubt everything will ever make the magazine though
(laughs...I talked about my upbringing and my day to
day life in a rather comical and interesting manner).

I began to realize we didn't touch too much on the
film...so I tried to lead on and move onto it a bit
but at the end of interview,

"You know it's all OK like this," Azuma san said.

I thought we may have been little too irresponsible
but then again this must have been just the
"Azuma-style" (laughs).

He is such an easy going and cheerful person and I had
a lot of fun and great time. I really appreciate I was
given an opportunity to have such a well worthwhile
interview. Thank you, Azuma san.

Please take a look at our interview on Sumo magazine
to be out on March 2 as well as the film, "Chanko".

And, and, everyone with "Team Futenou" gathered again

We had as well,
Yokogawa Electrici Rugby team fitness coach Kimura
trampolin's Sato san, and
Hikichi san who is trying to be the first professional
Japanese lacross player

All thank you, everyone very much.

I have been learning a great deal from all of you
sharing your experience with me, even though you are
all different sports.

Whenever we get together, I always have fun time and
it's been worthwhile.
I feel I can get lot of power from you every time we

I will do my best as well so please keep cheering me


P.S. Please watch NHK's Charity Ozumo on TV today.


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