[sumo] My Nephew and I are wondering about Sentoryu

Joe Kuroda joe_kuroda at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 14 18:36:35 EST 2006

--- Larry Piper <piper at psicorp.com> wrote:

>       My nephew and I are wondering about Sentoryu. 

I am sorry to tell you that his stint in PRIDE so far
has been rather dismal. I believe he lost three or so
and only won one. The last time at PRIDE 31, he
appeared in the very first bout (i.e. more or less
warm-up bout) going against Zulu, huge Brazlian by the
name of Zule (200 cm 184 kg) and lost by refree stop
as Brazilian started pounding his knee over Sentoryu's
head from back.

He did not appear in their premier New Year's Eve show
and he is not scheduled to appear on PRIDE 31 to be
held later this month. However he is still with PRIDE
and must be training pretty hard as he is really
ripped unlike Akebono but so far being overmatched in
the competitions. 

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